PTAC PTAC Ductless Mini Split Systems: Below you will find PTAC systems. PTAC stands for Package Terminal Air Conditioner. These types of units are a self contained system commonly found in hotels, motels, senior housing facilities, hospitals, condominiums, apartment buildings, add-on rooms, and sun rooms. PTACs are designed to go through a wall, having vents and and heat sinks both inside and outside. Popular search terms are: PTAC, PTAC Mini Split, PTAC mini split, PTAC system, ptac, PTAC unit, PTAC units, PTAC mini split system, LG PTAC, Package terminal AC, Package Terminal Air Conditioner, PTAC mini split single zone, PTAC mini split systems, PTAC Mini Split Systems, PTAC mini splits, PTAC Mini Splits, PTAC heat pump, PTAC mini split heat pump and air conditioner, air conditioner, mini split, mini split PTAC, PTAC mini splits.
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